About Us
Established in 1976, Vanwell Electronics LLC. specialized in the distribution, sale,
and installation of fire equipment and systems. Additionally, Vanwell Electronics Inc.
offers peace of mind with fire protection system maintenance agreements, and
inspection & testing services designed to meet a range of customer needs.

We serve the fire protection needs of high-rise buildings, commercial, industrial,
institutional and retail customers.

Vanwell Electronics LLC. has a fleet of service vehicles available 24/7 to your
facilities throughout New Jersey and the metropolitan New York area.

Protecting your people, your facilities and your physical assets from fire is a
fundamental responsibility of any business. Completing regularly scheduled testing
and servicing of your fire protection systems is the most cost effective way to
maintain the integrity of your system while also meeting the requirements mandated
by most insurance providers.

Vanwell Electronics LLC. trained service technicians can inspect, test, and maintain
Siemens systems.
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